Eccotemp L5 water heater

17 Jun

It supports a propane tank of around 20 pounds, which is more than enough to have hot water for 18 hours assuming you have a constant flow.  It comes with an approved CSA regulator to provide a safe use and stable pressure. The consumption is 37500 BTU of propane when heating up the water - see also this eccotemp l5 review

This heater has been so well reviewed that currently has a ranking of number 2 in the Amazon website in the bestselling list of water heaters

Most of the positive reviews are regarding how fast it start functioning and heating the water, they claim it is almost instantly and you don’t have to wait. They also like of the low consumption of propane fuel. How easy it is to install and adjust, and its portability is something customers also love. 

The negative reviews comes from the fact it have problems working in areas with too much wind and a soft breeze can turn off the flame, this considering it’s a heater for outdoor usage. They also say that the head shower is poorly made and it has leaks. 

The tankless feature is something that really makes the difference in the marketplace, and it is the best component of the Eccotemp L5. There is no other like this. The batteries can be easily recharged from any source and to replace the propane tank it’s effortless.

Users love taking the Eccotemp L5 with them when camping on the forest or using it on their trailers.  The batteries ensure a long last functioning because they’re only used to start the burners and the flowing setup.  

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