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The two nozzles also reduce the amount of stagnated rests, for keeping the unit more hygienic. This model complies with CSA B45 standards. The toilet is made of porcelain.

This is one of Toto toilets that saves water. Has an elongated bowl and chrome plated SanaGloss. The SanaGloss ceramic cover gives extra durability and keeps toilet clean for a longer time like shown in this Toto MS964214CEFG#12 reviews . It incorporates a double cyclone flush that uses barely 1.28Gpf of water at each flushing making it one of the most water-saving toilets available.

The double whirl uses two nozzles that deliver water more efficiently for a better dirt removal which means less stagnated bacteria and few maintenance needed. This toilet meets ADA requirements. Also, the SoftClose seat helps avoiding seat slamming. The toilet has a lovely porcelain structure. It complies with ANSI and ASME requirements for A11.19.2 as well as the CSA B45 regulations.


  • Double flushing whirl
  • Complies with ADA regulations
  • Has a SoftClose seat
  • Doesn’t obstruct easily
  • ANSI/ASME and CSA N45 approved


  • Difficult installation

The Eco Soirée One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Universal Height Skirted Toilet with CeFiONtect uses a stylish and highlighted design, giving a new meaning to Toto’s slogan: “People Planet Water.'' TOTO Eco Soirée presents an elegant, one-piece structure that will prettify your bathroom’s look as soon as you install it. The one-piece feature is not only beautiful to one’s eyes, but also makes cleaning faster than a two-piece toilet. Without a space between the tank and bowl, we don’t have an inaccessible place where dirt can hide.

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How does it look?

It looks like a converted mini fridge and it’s actually accepted by UL as such. It has a classy all black finish and equipped with a reversible door. A metal disk is set in the depth of the device for more resistance and a longer lifetime. It has four little wheels that allow a better portability and also to be accommodated as desired.

It has a chrome rail protecting the three sides at the top of the appliance, preventing glasses from sliding and breaking against the floor. A drip tray avoids any overflow when serving the beer. Above it all, a stainless-steel tower with a tap delivers the delicious icy brew. It has also a CO2 tank coupled to the back of the kegerator.



It incorporates a thermostat to keep super-low temps, getting into the low 30s or 86F. An A+ for fast chilling and maintaining your brew cool.

Compact width 

It’s 4” tighter than a normal full-size appliance, but still able to contain a full-size barrel. An awesome feature for putting it into a narrow space available at home as shown in this kc2000 kegerator review .

Roller wheels

Roller wheels helps moving around whenever required. It’s not only useful but also very fun.

External CO2 Tank 

The CO2 tank is attached outside and at the rear of the model, so there’s more space in the inside. It includes a user-friendly gauge, which helps you take care of tank pressure.

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Its 20-inch cutting deck is quite impressive considering that no other electric mower in the market has one as big. 

You can easily adjust your mower for cutting height you want with a simple and single lever. 

The Greenworks G-Max incorporates a features that automatically adjust the throttle level according to the power needed so the machine doesn’t work harder than it has to, saving battery power and extending its useful life.  

Well, even though it might look like a good idea in theory, the auto-throttle can be a little slow to react when hitting a thicker or longer patch of grass, but is more something annoying than a real problem of performance. 

Other attractive feature is its highly competitive price for the performance it actually offer. No other competitor can overrun this today. 

When it comes to electric lawn mowers there is no one like the the Greenworks 25302 series. And it’s because it actually offers the power if a gas engine mower with its 40V battery supply, and for the cutting is the usual for the rest of mowers, 20 inch as seen in this GreenWorks 25302 review . 

We will try to provide with all the information that might interest you regarding the Greenworks 25302, so you can make the best acquisition decision. 

As said before, its 40V battery provides a power supply comparable to a generic gas-powered mower, but when you want to use your weed eater you can just remove the battery from the mower and insert it into the weed eater.good idea in theory

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Dewalt chainsaws are backed by this solid reputation, and to put it in concrete terms, the DCCS620P1 includes a 3 year warranty and 1 year free servicing at any of the 77 service centers across America.

Any Downsides?

Every chainsaw has a few downsides…

Gas ones are super powerful, but they’re fumey, heavy and hard to mantain, while corded ones are light and easy to use, but limit you to work near power outlets and manage the cord as you cut.

Cordless chainsaws have to main downsides:

They aren’t as powerful as a gas version and the batteries  need to be recharged after few hours of use. 

The Dewalt DCCS620P1 is a cordless chainsaw, but it counters really good both downsides, since it produces great power with its batteries and it’s fine for medium sized jobs, while its small size makes it very maneuverable like shown in these dewalt dccs620p1 reviews .

You can charge a battery while you use another one. The long lasting charge combined with fast re-charging will allow you to work continiously without stopping  due to an uncharged battery.

In conclusion, the Dewalt DCCS620P1 is a great choice for anyone who needs to tackle libs and trees up to 10 inches in diameter, wheter you need to deal with them in your own property, or cut firewood, this Dewalt will get the job done and make your life easier.

This top-line chainsaw offers an amazing combination of power and usability backed by the Dewalt’s reputation.dewalt dccs620p1 reviews

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It supports a propane tank of around 20 pounds, which is more than enough to have hot water for 18 hours assuming you have a constant flow.  It comes with an approved CSA regulator to provide a safe use and stable pressure. The consumption is 37500 BTU of propane when heating up the water - see also this eccotemp l5 review

This heater has been so well reviewed that currently has a ranking of number 2 in the Amazon website in the bestselling list of water heaters

Most of the positive reviews are regarding how fast it start functioning and heating the water, they claim it is almost instantly and you don’t have to wait. They also like of the low consumption of propane fuel. How easy it is to install and adjust, and its portability is something customers also love. 

The negative reviews comes from the fact it have problems working in areas with too much wind and a soft breeze can turn off the flame, this considering it’s a heater for outdoor usage. They also say that the head shower is poorly made and it has leaks. 

The tankless feature is something that really makes the difference in the marketplace, and it is the best component of the Eccotemp L5. There is no other like this. The batteries can be easily recharged from any source and to replace the propane tank it’s effortless.

Users love taking the Eccotemp L5 with them when camping on the forest or using it on their trailers.  The batteries ensure a long last functioning because they’re only used to start the burners and the flowing setup.  

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Quality of the Cook - 4.5/5

The cast iron cooking grates enhances the heat retention and distribution, let you cook directly or indirectly your meals. You won’t lose flavor in your food due to the porcelain coated flavorizer, which, helped by the cast aluminum construction, also redistribute the heat making it ideal for indirect cooking and smoking. 

Ease of Cleanup - 4.5/5

The flavorizer bars will vaporize most of the juice or grease, however, the grease management system makes it even easier. The parts are easily removable for cleaning and you can change the catch pan. The burner tubes can be cleaned with a grill brush. 

This grill may not be the cheaper in the market as seen in this weber ii e 210 review, however, the quality of construction and materials made by the famous brand Weber, and all the others included features compensate the extra money it costs. It is worthy. 

The Weber Spirit is that grill you buy to not having to buy another in a long period of time. It’s affordable, totally reliable, easy to use and provides excellent results. You will get that desired burn in your meat and make it taste delicious, the well-made design will distribute the heat for a better and faster cooking. You can get up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in just 5 minutes, and lower it or adjust for a slower cooking. 

Feature #2: High quality porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates with an electronic crossover ignition system

The E-210 features a cooking grate that leaves your meat with that good looking and tasty burn marks. These cooking grates are porcelain enameled, so they’re resistant and easy to clean.

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If you want to access on the rest of the functions and sounds, you will have to press the labeled piano keys while holding the “Function” button.

We recommend you to use the user manual to look how it works some of the key combinations when you’re initially into the new PX-160 digital piano, so it would be easier for you to memorize them. Taking into account that labels can above the keys and it would simplify the process.

Taking into account, some of the people dislike the way of navigating that the PX-160 digital piano offers as seen in this casio px 160 test , it can be inconvenient when you are into changing on a quick way a setting option while you're performing on stage. But the control panel can be simple, without cluttering for all the buttons.

The low price of the new PX-160 digital piano it doesn't let us complain about its display, but it can improve the usability of the item.

Casio PX-160 Keyboard

The keys of the PX-160 have the same size taking into account the regular piano keys, with an 88-key fully weighted keyboard.

It has a Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II that allows people to have the experience of having a realistic response of the keys into a dynamic range from the softest pianissimo to the loudest fortissimo grades.

It couldn't be compared with semi-weighted keyboards, those use springs to add some weight into the keys. The PX-160 digital piano is fully-weighted, with the option of using actual hammers that can simulate the response of the hammer striking the strings.

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  •     It has the option of all-wheel drive
  •     With 6 forward steps and 2 reverse speeds

  •     24" clearing width

  •     21" intake height

  •     12" serrated steel auger

  •     It has a deluxe reversible skid shoes

  •     13" x 4" X-Trac™ tires

  •     208cc* 4-cycle OHV engine

  •     With 2-year limited warranty


If you want to take the control with a very versatility, this model Troy Bilt Storm 2410 gives you the option to choice into the 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds, everything happens in winter conditions, so electric start eliminating pull-starting serrated steel augers cut through snow in a faster way so it can be cleaned with a remote chute control, that allows you to adjust the direction of the snow discharge, this option can be made it without stopping or leaving the operator are reinforced steel housing that can provide durability and ruggedness around several years of use, this is good for snowfalls up to 12" and driveways with the space for 2 cars wide, or 3 cars long.

Compared with the Craftsman in this troy-bilt storm 2410 review , the Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 has the same price and performance than it. It can do a good job, and got well scored in all the tests, excepting for throwing distance, and was slightly less efficient at the exam of taking down a plow pile.

One important dislike of people is that there's no headlight or freewheel steering, so when it's time to turn into it, it becomes more difficult. So Snow-throwing distance was mediocre.was mediocre

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Some of the features of the Predator 2000 have several details, we are going to review all of them.


It has a fuel system, with fuel and small tank size, it could be a bit inefficient sometimes but the fuel system just needs gasoline to runs on. Gasoline is considered as the cheapest fuel into the market as you can read also in predator generators 2000 review, making all the maintenance even more budget-friendly. It's recommended to use fuel stabilizers to not compromise its abilities.


Taking into account some issues, just like the louder sound the generator produces, that can get into other houses and put in a bad mood your neighborhood. We recommend to use a noise-reducing muffler, so the decibels would stay into the range of 60 decibels, and not produce a disturbance for the neighbors' reports.


It has just a weight of only 48 lbs, and almost the same size if we talk about regular petrol. One thing to get a second look is the portable design that allows all the buyers to take it in an easy way to every place they want, including that outdoor expedition. It's also being considered for making outdoor endeavors very easy, being helpful because it comes with an extra RV ready parallel kit, that makes it able when users want to connect the RV in the jiffy.

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When looking for the best tobacco grinder in the market it is very easy to get sidetracked by the very many offers in the market. With all the available ones in the market claiming to be the best, it is easy to lose sight of what is important.  Of all the qualities that will make a grinding tool the best the only important one is efficiency. Is the grinder able to perform the job it is made for to your standards? Is the machine able to produce the best quality grind easily and quickly? If the answer to both of these questions is “yes” then you have found the best tobacco grinder for the job.


The Kief Catcher herb, tobacco and spice grinder takes efficiency to a whole new level.  Because the manufacturers of this machine want you to be able to easily put it to work as soon s you purchase it, they have made it very easy for anyone to put the pieces together easily.  Its compact design ensures that all the pieces fit together easily and quickly to get you going in under a minute. This feature is also very important when it comes to cleaning the machine as easily removable and reassembling parts make for very easy cleaning.

The fact that the parts of this grinder fit in so well together also adds to its efficiency in that the machine spins smoothly ensuring near perfect grind without any waste.  The machine is also made from top quality alloy metal to ensure that it lasts a very long time and continues to provide you with top quality grind for a long time to come.

The manufacturers are so confident of the efficiency of this product that they offer you 100% No hassle money back guarantee.


A good product that produces the best grind and lasts a long time will be worth just about any price. Despite this fact this beat tobacco grinder will set you back only $35. $35 will buy you a good grinder that is very efficient, durable and well designed to enable it be portable enough to carry with you.


All those who buy this product agree with the assessment that it is one of the best. It may not come in many attractive colours or complicated designs but when it comes to doing the job it was meant to do, this is a piece of equipment that can be relied upon.

Many who have reviewed this product have praised its efficiency saying that it produces the best quality grind in the shortest time possible. It is also easy to clean, easy to use and easy to carry with you wherever you go.

This is the product for you if you care little about the fancy colours and designs and more about whether or not the grinder will do its job. It is for you if you prefer simple and efficient to complicated and inefficient.


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